How Many Annas do We Need!!

by Hansini

Writing this piece makes me wonder what we humans have come to!

How did we manage to reach such a point of ignorance?!

What happened to all those “loyal” people sitting in their offices sipping tea and doing what they are best at –  playing the dirty game of Politics !..How can they be so calm after “looting” all of us?..

Doesn’t the guilt consume them..kill them ?

Today one man Anna took a stand so we woke up..

Is this the same land where existed the great Ram and Raavan?…Does good really prevail over evil in today’s world?

In the fast growing age of technology where everyone talks of robots and space,why are we still fighting for our rights ?..Why are we still fighting for the anti corruption bill to pass?..

We say we are the Gen Z, then why are we sitting back n waiting for people like Anna to come tell us what to do?!..

Wake Up people!..Someone like Anna can’t always be there telling us what to do.

We have let these good-for-nothing corrupt, so called “leaders” take over our nation.Its a matter of shame for us!

What more motivation do we require?..