A PROMISE: One Of Many Broken

by Hansini

ImageWe paved our road with promises, 
with heavy fog and dim headlights we promised ourselves we’d come back to this,
if we didn’t make it, we’d try again. I said I’d wait for you and you said it was me or lonely. Now we’re just like this old town, a boring reminder of something that was once new and exciting. 
And someone would have to look at a picture now, to see what was once the most obvious thing in the world: WE MEANT EVERYTHING!!

Remember that promise, that empty promise we made, which you “solemnly swore to keep”? .. well now i write it in purple, as a reminder of that bruise you left when you decided to walk away…
Now I am left here alone .. with all your broken promises. . .with all the memories.
Why make the promise when you had to break it?
You had said you won’t leave, but its funny how I don’t really see you anywhere around me now.
But I do thank you…for making me realize that not every promise was meant to be.
You made me realize that I couldn’t really count on a promise anymore..That promises were nothing but but words without a meaning..that making a promise was just a “formality”..
How I wish I knew all of this before I met you..because then I wouldn’t have let you break me this way.. 
Ever promise you broke left a mark. . .
“You are mine forever”- You said to me. . .and Yet,
You walked away. .what happened to “I am yours” part ..and what happened to “forever”. . .They had been just words for you. . 
for me they meant a whole new world. ..– OUR WORLD.
And now I realize that things break all the time.
Glass and dishes and fingernails. Cars and contracts and potato chips.
You can break a record, a horse, a dollar. You can break the ice.
There are coffee breaks and lunch breaks and prison breaks. Day breaks, waves break and , voices break. Chains can be broken.
So can silence, and fever.
Promises break.
Hearts break.

– Hansini ♥