Dear Lover

by Hansini

Dear lover,

You’re probably never going to get this letter.
For certain things are best when not shared and yet I had this urge to write to you, and so I picked up my pen.

It’s been a little more than a year since we started “dating“, if that’s what you wanna call it. However for me, it’s something far greater than that .
The words, “girlfriend” , “boyfriend” and “love” are thrown around so often, that they’ve lost their significance, they no longer feel special.

You’re so much more to me than just a “boyfriend”.  I wonder if they have a word for it. But then again, why do we humans have a tendency to give everything a name . Why is everything given a name? A tag?

What you and I share is much beyond all of this or so I would like to think, believe .
It’s different .
You take me to a place no one has ever take me to. And for me that’s what a soulmate does.
That’s the word I’ve been looking for- you’re my lover.. My soulmate.
When you hold me, touch me , it feels like coming home .
Because “home” for me is not just a place with four walls, it’s you.

It’s us .

Now when I come to think of it, it’s not how you dressed and what you said at the right time that made me fall for you.
I fell for the million little things you did, said …and you didn’t even know.

I hope you read this one fine day . And know what you mean to me .
Much of which, I probably can never put into words..
Much of which, you are already aware of.

-Yours forever.