On letting Go..

by Hansini

So, Today I finally let go off all the things that were weighing me down and putting a stop to my growth.

How does it feel?

You know that feeling when you turn to the first page of your new Notebook? Or the first day of Summer?

Its liberating.All these things were pulling me down. They were all I was thinking about, my first thought in the morning and the last one before sleeping. They were ruling me.

Constantly on my mind. I was even scared to a point that I would even stop midway if I would see those people walking the same way.

But, not any more.

There’s something about letting go , that makes you realize that you can change the course of things in just one second, if you decide to look ahead intead of looking behind. And no feeling can ever beat that,

I feel so light , right in this moment, because I know the worst is behind me , already!

Till next time,

Stay blessed!