I Don’t Want Mediocre.

by Hansini

Have you ever found yourself questioning life?  The people in it?

What you were really meant to do?

Well, I think i am stuck in the mundanity of life. I go to college, I come back. Everyday, at around 9:10a.m. I leave my hostel room, and around 4:30 I’m back.

Sparing a few days, pretty much everyday is the same. No, now i am not really complaining about the fact that I have got to attend college or anything, for that’s not where I am heading. I know, after a few years, I’ll graduate and go on to do my masters, and probably settle down with my boyfriend, if he’s still in the picture , have kids, die..But is this really what life is all about?

If so, who wrote the pattern?

Very often, I feel like I haven’t really done anything great, you know, left any mark in this world. Not touched many people. Not done enough.

Also, on quite a few occasions, i have felt like I am not enough. Like i am actually less than those around me.

What does it take to become known? To leave a mark?  What is the difference between a normal and and a special person?  What is really the problem in being a nerd and what is so special about being the “it” thing?

And who decides all of this?

I want more in life. I want to fly. I want to break away from the mediocre, the mundane.

I no longer want to answer the meaningless “Wassup?”questions. Neither do I want random people to ask me “How are you”, not unless they really want to hear how I actually am doing in life, and not just a “Fine”.

Empty conversations don’t really interest me. If you really want to talk to me, know me, then tell me something about yourself that not many people know. Don’t just ask me how I am when you don’t really care about it,

Tell me what frightens you the most. Tell me why do you fear solitude so much?

What happened to you?

Why did you randomly stop sitting with people ? Why are you the last one to get in and the first to get out?

Do you want help?

I would love for you to tell me stories from your past, anything that would help me get to know you better because I want to know you! I want to be there for you and in turn I want you to be there with me!

Why are we all so alone even in a crowd? and when in a crowd why do you ache to be alone?

Why is life so full of contradictions?

What’s your favorite song?

— Sometimes I feel, life would have been so different if people actually took the pain to know others instead of judging them first. I would love it if someone would ask me these things. I would love for someone to care for me , be there with ,me, and not be a passer-by in my life.


When was the last time you actually had a conversation with someone? A real conversation. Not just gossip and bickering , but about life . Something that made sense ? Something that probably added some meaning into your life? You know, soul food?

When am I going to break free? Why don’t we have enough courage to go start a conversation with a stranger? Why are we so conscious?

It can’t possibly be that bad.Asking a few questions, that’s it. You never know, they might just turn out to be your best friend!


So, be there . Be present!

Get out of that little world of yours, your comfort zone.

It’s time you make a mark. Touch people’s lives.

Not for anyone else, just for yourself.

Be like a bird. Don’t limit yourself to a cage.

Because, mediocre is no good. Be you! Be extra-ordinary. I am not really clear about how to become that, but we can start!