How a Woman Cures Her Heart. 

by Hansini

I looked at him with raised eyebrows and asked “You know how a woman cures her heart?” 

She will not sit down next to you and cry out loud to let you know that she is hurt. However, her mood can be cranky,  she might feel a bit low,  not be at her best behavior, eat less and howl more. 

Her days will pe painful eachtime she walks by the places she’d spent time at, with you. She will cringe, looking at  your pictures. And then she’ll delete them too.

She’ll be upset at random hours when she’s at work, her caffeine intake might drastically go up. But she won’t disintegrate into ash. 

Her night will end blinking back those tears,  listening to sad songs,  so she can let it all out. She might even choke, feel short of air, might stare at her phone screen for hours wondering whether to talk to you or not. 

That’s it.  She won’t rip herself into shreds. 

Finally the day comes,  she will not call you anymore, or reply to your texts. 

Her relenting passion towards you will die within a week or two. Instead of fuelling you will goodness and love, she’d feed herself with positivity. No more heavy hearts and smudged mascara. She will remain the imperfect masterpiece she is. She will be glad about her heartbreak and will recover.  After all the pain you’ve inflicted on her, it’ll only help her become strong. Your pain will be her benefit. 

And one day, you see her across the street. Giggling  and playing with her hair.  

You will realize, she wasn’t hurt.. She was disappointed and tired.