To All Those Who Over Analyze Love.

by Hansini

You can’t control love. You want it but also fear it. 

I’m not talking about those flings you had.  I’m not talking about the “lets-move-onto-the-next-one”  or “I’m bored of this relationship” feeling.  I’m talking about those sleepless nights. Those voices inside your head, those missed opportunities in love and heartbreaks. Hello to all those who question the very existence of love.

I know you’re afraid of love even though it’s also the feeling you crave for. I know you don’t wanna take the risk of falling and failing again. Of giving too much and not getting anything in return. It’s taking ages to feel the warmth, the words you wanna hear and the touch you wanna feel. I know you would rather run away or be alone than fall in love again.

How do I know? It’s because we cling on to feelings .  We let go off people but not the moments. We wonder how to feel the same way again. It’s gone and you’ll never feel the same love and insanity again. The second time will not be the first time.but that’s okay! It’ll be magic too.  Your skin would turn the deepest pink. Your heart would skip a beat. You will bite your lips and make intense love. You will fight. You will make up. Life is all about experiences and love will be one of the deepest ones you’ll ever have. And no matter how it ends,  you’ll never quite be able to deny the sweetness. It’ll always challenge you, make you go mad. You’ll feel alive. Make you radiate from the inside out. Honey, love is the only thing  we need. Because despite its imperfections and failures, it still is magnificent.

This time would be better. Open you heart. Feel again.