by Hansini

He would tell me sometimes 

but often-

how he wanted me 

to fall into 

the empty 


of his eternal love-

I would laugh 


and tell him how 

we were not 

meant to be. 

when i fell

and i did-

the sun shone

but beneath the rain 

and colors that danced,

the sky embraced – 

love had won 

as it seemed 

but how could it, 

having not 

had the storm to brace? 

and when it came, 

and it did, 

he told me then-

how he wanted me 

to fall again 

not inside the crevice

now seemingly full-

but out of the heart 

that I had grown

 to call my own. 

and when i turn

without a goodbye of sorts, 

his voice 

I hear

now only a whisper – ‘is there anything 

that i may?’  and i 

can only say- ‘find me a love 

that would stay’.