by Hansini

You’re staying up until 2am for all the wrong reasons. Because you’re wasted. Because you’re  heartbroken. Because you’re bored and lonely and scrolling through social media until you’re forced to surrender to sleep. 

You shouldn’t be half covered with blanket with your head propped up on a pillow, daydreaming about how things used to be back when you were in a relationship. Or plugging your phone into the closest outlet, just in case that text you’ve been waiting for comes through. 

Find a better reason to stay up until 2am. Stay up because you had a great idea for a story or a song or a poem, and you don’t want the idea to slip away as you sleep. Stay up, because you’re on a creative streak and don’t want to ruin your flow. Stay up, because your passion burns brightest at night. 

And if your career isn’t the reason why you’re awake when the sun is resting, let love be the reason. 

Stay up- not because you’re in the middle of a brutal fight filled with ugly words. Not because you’re tossing and turning,  wishing that the argument never happened. Not because you’re crying your eyes out over the kinks in your perfect relationship. 

Stay up, because you have a million things to say without enough hours to say them. Stay up, because you want to set a new record for the amount of times you make love. Stay up, because you don’t want sleep to rob you of a second time with them. 

Stay up, because you found something that makes the yawns and baggy eyes feel worthwhile. Don’t choose existing over living. Don’t scroll through Twitter, then Facebook, then Tumblr, then back to Twitter again out of boredom. And don’t relive painful memories of your ex, because you have nothing else to think about when the silence envelops your bedroom. 

If you’re gonna stay awake until 2am,  find a good enough reason. Find your passion. 

Because, once you find something that’s actually worth staying up until 2am for,  you’ll find something worth living for. You’ll find your reason to be.