by Hansini

A, for the agendas you write on her skin

B, for the barbaric 

C, carcasses you want to make out of her

D, for her dwindling 

E, existence; she dreams of

F, freedom.

G, for the gates of her vagina that even the autocorrect refuses to mention

H, for the hell you’ve put her through and for the heaven she fights for 

I, for years of inequality that pinch on her thighs 

J, just below where your pleasure rests.

K, for the Kajal She

L, lures you in with so that you could 

M, murder her soul.

N, for the no that escapes her mouth

O, offering no respite to her.

P, for the places you felt her shivering under you

Q, for the queers that sing songs that sound like her death

R, for the reasons you should not have used her

S, soul and body alike.

T, to the hours she laboured to give you a child 

U, under the burden of her murder

V, for all the violence she was subjected to.

W, to the woman who produces men who slight her existence and reduce her identity to


treat her like X,

Devour her soul like Y

And throw her away like Z.


|a big thank you to all those of you who attended the last slam poetry session!|