Temporary Homes

by Hansini

//what it seemed like//

I feel vulnerable 

as i think about 

all the time I have

spent being

cocooned up in you,

you have been there,

standing,as I fed on

what seemed a lot 

like love,

you stripped my soul

naked, and looked

around until you

found all my insecurities

and threw them away,

one by one, but you

forgot how insecurities 

are just like 

worms, they come 

crawling right back,

and when they did,

you withered as they

started to bite you

in an attempt to

break those walls

you built to protect me.


//what it turned out to be//

I thought you would

and I saw you shudder

as the thoughts of 

protecting someone

damaged clouded 

your mind,

and I inflated

at the sight of

you shaking your head

as you slowly 

untangled yourself

from my being

and I was left there,

s t r i p p e d 

n a k e d.