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As AbOvE,sO bElOw…As WiThIn,So WiThOuT…

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out of all the bridges I’ve burnt,

you will always be the one to lead me home.




the manner in which your fingers whisper secrets into my palm, cupped like a lotus, its perfume causing the air around us to sway drunkenly.





Your soul is a thunderstorm, caught amidst the chaos of raindrops, hitting my windowpane. 


Temporary Homes

//what it seemed like//

I feel vulnerable 

as i think about 

all the time I have

spent being

cocooned up in you,

you have been there,

standing,as I fed on

what seemed a lot 

like love,

you stripped my soul

naked, and looked

around until you

found all my insecurities

and threw them away,

one by one, but you

forgot how insecurities 

are just like 

worms, they come 

crawling right back,

and when they did,

you withered as they

started to bite you

in an attempt to

break those walls

you built to protect me.


//what it turned out to be//

I thought you would

and I saw you shudder

as the thoughts of 

protecting someone

damaged clouded 

your mind,

and I inflated

at the sight of

you shaking your head

as you slowly 

untangled yourself

from my being

and I was left there,

s t r i p p e d 

n a k e d.


I don’t think we ever shut

ourselves from the world 


We leave the doors of our heart unlatched, 

hoping that the perfect 

stranger would knock on it and 


You feel like home.

-I’ll be waiting. 

|yes, wishful thinking would be the death of me.|


Come to me naked

or don’t come to me at all. 

Leave your misery on 

for me to take care of. 

Drop the masks

of bravery and apathy 

you cover your skin with, 

outside my door. 

Come with three glasses

for you and I, 

and we will drink the odds together. 

Come to me naked 

or don’t come at all. 

2a.m. Conversations 

​I wish all the conversations were like the ones we have at 2a.m.,

when the world is quiet 

and our heartbeats loud.

I wish all the words we shared were as

honest and raw

as the ones that escape 

from our lips

during one night’s end

And one morning’s beginning.

Because it’s 2am

when our humanity 

tends to let its guard down,

And show through. 

It’s 2am when 

we let all of ourselves

be seen completely: Ugly and unafraid.

Beautiful and ready,

for love.

But mostly I just wish 

I had another 2am

To spend with you.

|of longing.|

Starry nights

Let’s climb to the roof, just us, bring blankets and we’ll lie down together and look up at the stars and whisper and laugh and forget about tomorrow for a while. 

Let’s talk about the little things. Like you can’t go on the roadtrip without mint in your mouth because you’ll get motion sickness. Or that at times you sleep with the  lights on.  Take me to the places you escape to when life s a bit overwhelming. To your sunsets. To your dreams. To your nightmares. 

|sundays are for cheesy things|

She loved humans, 

just the way she loved her hair and her mind:


|12am thoughts|